A brief from my MA studies in Children’s Book Illustration was to propose, develop and execute a completed visual sequence for a children’s picture book.

For this project I investigated the concept of ‘Finding Calm in the Chaos’.
Using experimental printmaking techniques, paper mechanics and pop-ups, my aim was to illustrate feelings of digital information overload and how we might find some balance by switching off from digital technologies to enjoy a bit of down time in the natural world.

With my resulting book PAUSE, I hope to inspire the reader to take back some control by pressing the pause button, taking a few slow breaths and marvelling at the natural world around us.

It was pretty tricky to work out the pop-up spreads, especially making sure that the book would actually close!


Having always loved pylons and their strange industrial beauty, I enjoyed making my mini versions of these architectural monsters.


Here’s a little video of the pylon pop-up work in progress.



S. Horsley popup chair sculpture

This pop-up chair is my contribution for the #3000chairs project auction to raise money for ‘Help For Refugees‘ event on 3rd September 2016, hosted by Walker Books.

I created this piece by drawing the chair parts directly onto Tetra Pak carton, inking up the Tetra Pak ‘plate’ and printing intaglio onto damp Somerset Velvet printmaking paper. Once the print was dry, I cut out the parts and assembled the pop-up chair. The feathers are tiny blocks that I carved and hand printed. I had worked out in advance a template for the paper engineering, to make sure it would pop-up and close properly.