Selfie picture book

Selfie by Sandy Horsley – UK Publication date 28th January 2021

Selfie is all about Sylvie the Squirrel’s obsession with selfies. Selfies can be fun, but Sylvie likes selfies a bit TOO much. But that’s ok isn’t it? What could possibly go wrong…?!

You’ll have to read the book to find out, no spoilers here!

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Meet Sylvie, the selfie-loving squirrel.
In her quest for the next pretty picture, Sylvie finds herself in a pretty pickle!

Cover blurb:
Children begin using social media at a young age, and author / illustrator Sandy Horsley brings that issue to the forefront on this timely picture book. Selfies are fun, but nothing is more fun than being a good friend and living in the moment.

You can follow Sylvie’s antics on Instagram: @selfie_sylvie
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With thanks to Thomas Horsley at Flowstorm for animating Sylvie.