PAUSE pop-up book

The link will take you to a video showing each page of the book, including the pop-up mechanisms.

A brief from my MA studies in Children’s Book Illustration was to propose, develop and execute a completed visual sequence for a children’s picture book.

For this project I investigated the concept of ‘Finding Calm in the Chaos’.
Using experimental printmaking techniques, paper mechanics and pop-ups, my aim was to illustrate feelings of digital information overload and how we might find some balance by switching off from digital technologies to enjoy a bit of down time in the natural world.

With my resulting book PAUSE, I hope to inspire the reader to take back some control by pressing the pause button, taking a few slow breaths and marvelling at the natural world around us.


It was pretty tricky to work out the pop-up spreads, especially making sure that the book would actually close!


Having always loved pylons and their strange industrial beauty, I enjoyed making my mini versions of these architectural monsters.


Here’s a little video of the pylon pop-up work in progress.

Sandy Horsley pylon pop up